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Effective Fundraising, Engagement and Communication with your donors and supporters is paramount to any successful campaign. One of the keys is meeting your donors and supports where their attention is focused – their Cell Phones, text messaging and engagement!

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Digital information and payments are today’s reality. With our i3FundRise solution suite we get you to your audience!


Did You Know?

1 %

are opened within 90 seconds vs an email open rate of 20%!

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smartphone users in the U.S. today

1 B

are sent every day.

What is the most used smartphone feature?

The most used feature on a smartphone is texting

How much time do people spend on their smartphones?

According to a survey conducted in February 2021, nearly half of the respondents stated that on average they spent five to six hours on their phone on a daily basis, not including work-related smartphone use. A further 22 percent of respondents said that they spent three to four hours on average on their phone daily. (*


Our Political Campaigns
Giving Suite

Text Giving


Our revolutionary text-giving product – GiveNow-Text, offers the most intuitive donor experience on the market today. User-friendly and easy to integrate with your current systems, welcome your campaign into the 21st century today with GiveNow-Text

  • Intuitive Text donation user interface – capture donations in seconds, enhances repeat donations and gives donors control of their profile and donation history!  Comprehensive Text Giving Platform! 
  • Send virtual event reminders, last-minute cancellations, volunteer opportunities, campaign updates, or fundraising requests through text.
  • Send a link to your website, blog, or social media as another way to engage with your supporters!
  • Individual message sent to many in seconds.
  • Manage subscription lists using both file uploads and opt-in campaigns.
  • Draft, schedule and clone messages.
  • Send extended text messages, an image, or a video (SMS & MMS).
  • Automated Gift Acknowledgment notifications

Online Giving


Our online platform – GiveNow-Online, provides a safe and secure custom online hosted donation page with both iFrame and Redirect options (PCI compliant).   

  • Easy set up using your branding and information.  
  • Give in a few clicks, similar to an online shopping cart. 
  • Robust one-time and flexible recurring donation options.  
  • Uses the same profile as text giving.  Users can use text and online giving interchangeably.   
  • Create a profile using a single-use pin, no username or password to remember. 
Administrative Features 
  • Donor information integrates with virtually any donor management system. 
  • Manage donor reports and analytics through a secure admin portal account. 
  • Live human customer support and success coaching. 
  • Automated Gift Acknowledgment notifications 

Donor Engagement

Text Alerts & Communication  

Text Alerts are an effective way to share news that matters most to your supporters and donors. Promote special events, send reminders, share recognitions, updates on giving appeals & action alerts. 

QR Code

QR Codes are incredibly useful call-to-action tools for donors to give and get information. No more writing down web addresses and phone numbers or remembering to visit a website later – a quick scan of the QR code and the information instantly appears.

  • Post in your bulletins and newsletters
  • Use on advertising sandwich boards in lobbies and outside of venues
  • Display on TV, display screens, projection screens, bulletin boards, etc
Donation Forms

Easily collect legible names, numbers, and interests from anywhere. Phone numbers are instantly verified for each interested contact. 

  • Collect contact info, interests, and a verified cell phone number. 
  • Easy to follow up with existing and potential supporters and donors. 
  • Use for volunteer sign-ups, contests, polling, surveys, and more… 
  • Time-saving: no data entry or illegible handwriting to decipher. 
  • Information can be seamlessly and automatically migrated to your system
Registration Forms

Online Registration forms for events and volunteers allows your attendees and supporters to register when it’s most convenient for them.  It also provides your organization with the data you need about your attendees and volunteers. 

  • Collect contact information, demographics, payment preferences, special requests and more.   
  • Having all of this information allows for more accurate reporting and planning.

Event Ticketing

Event Ticketing & Registration

We provide all the tools needed to securely sell tickets, track event attendance, collect registration data, process payments and organize event reporting for your campaign rallies, galas, dinner events, and more.

  • Branded Event Registration and Ticket Sales 
  • Attendance Tracking 
  • Custom Interactive Seat Mapping 
  • Detailed Event Sales Reporting 
  • Email Ticket Confirmation 
  • Document Collection 
  • App for Sales and Scanning 
  • Point of Sale Solutions 

Payment Processing

Trusted Merchant Services

We provide integrated merchant services with full transparency and very aggressive pricing. There are no early termination fees as it is our commitment to always earn your business and trust.   

Payment Options:  
  • Credit Card Processing,  
  • ACH Processing,  
  • One-Time, Payment Plans and Recurring Payment options 
  • Donor options to cover processing fees 
Point of Sale 

We can provide an array of equipment solutions for processing payments onsite: 

  • Credit Card terminals (IP & Wireless)
  • Scanners (QR Code Readers)
  • Kiosks

We take our security seriously, which is why we set out to achieve the highest safety level by the Payment Card Industry (PCI Level 1 Compliant).   

Donor Insights

Data Drives Direction

Our Donor Insights platform provides the reporting tools you need to help you analyze meaningful information about your donors and registrations activity.  Insights that help you make decisions, improve your campaigns, and raise more!

Real-time Reporting

Our Donor Insights platform provides customized real-time information on donations including:

  • Names,
  • Addresses
  • Authenticated cellphone numbers
  • Email address
  • Purpose for the gift
  • Amount
  • And so much more
Import Reports

You can import all reporting seamlessly into your donor management software, meaning you won’t have to change any of your previous systems to use this product. And — for no additional fee — we offer API and batch import solutions.

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