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Our technology caters to Nonprofits, Education, and Faith-Based organizations. We also offer a unique fundraising application that enables businesses, banks & chambers to join nonprofits in supporting their communities.


In order to create and sustain transformation of individuals in a community of faith, there needs to be engagement. Our i3FundRise Faith Based platform nurtures commitment and inspires action using intuitive mobile communication and donation tools. 

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Cultivating donor relationships is vital for any nonprofit looking to make an impact.  The i3FundRise fundraising platform enables effective communication and engagement, which in turn, inspires individuals to generously give of their time, talent, and treasure.

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School budgets are limited when it comes to educational funding. From books to technology, sports teams, and lunches, i3FundRise cultivates and engages supporters to help raise funds for the educational tools you need. Our online platform is intuitive, accessible, and secure.

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As a business or organization with relationships and vested interest in supporting and promoting nonprofits in your network, you can drive donations and impact communities with our i3Donate platform. Become a Champion for your community and elevate your ESG rating. 

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Political Campaigns

Effective Fundraising, Engagement and Communication with your donors and supporters is paramount to any successful campaign.  One of the keys is meeting your donors and supports where their attention is focused – their Cell Phones, text messaging and engagement! 

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