Our Pricing is Unique Like You

One size doesn’t fit all here at i3FundRise!  Our pricing is based on your organization’s specific needs. We will find the price that fits and works for your organization. 

No per-user fees

No hidden fees

No long-term contracts

Pick Your Perfect Plan

We are confident that with our flexible pricing you will be able to find the perfect plan for your organization.


3.5% + $0.25 per credit card transaction. $0.5 per text.

$0 /Month
  • Text-to-Donate Giving Platform (SMS & MMS)
  • QR Code Giving Platform
  • Online Custom Donation Page
  • Dedicated toll-free text phone number included
  • 1 Keyword (text)
  • Matching donor profile for online and text giving
  • Insights Reporting
  • Personalized Receipts
  • One-Time & Recurring Donations
  • Donor Option to cover processing fees
  • Fund Designations
  • 1 User License
  • Live Human Customer Support
  • Integrated Payment Processing


3.5% to 2.99% + $0.25 per txn. Includes Everything in Starter +

$39 /Month
  • Outbound Donor Engagement Text Communication Platform
  • First 750 text messages per month ($0.05 per text thereafter)
  • Dedicated Short Code number options available (*additional pass-through fee)
  • Up to 2 Keywords (text)
  • Event Registration
  • Event Ticketing
  • Subscription Lists
  • 2 User Licenses


2.755% to 2.75% + $0.25 per txn. Includes Everything in Essential +

$79 /Month
  • First 2,500 text messages per month ($0.04 per text thereafter)
  • Up to 3 Keywords (text)
  • Send images/videos and extended texts
  • CRM Integration
  • 5 User licenses


Pricing is customized to meet your needs. Ideal for:

: ) /Month
  • Text communications more than 2,500 per month
  • High donation volume
  • Multiple donation pages
  • Multiple bank accounts or locations (campuses)
  • One or more dedicated Short Codes
  • Custom integrations
  • Customized domain
  • White labeled branding

*Short Code: A five or six digit phone number used by organizations to send text messages at scale. They are shorter than normal phone numbers to make the opt in process easier. 

*Keyword: A unique word supporters can text to a short code or dedicated toll free number that triggers an auto-reply tied to a campaign or info about your organization.